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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Successful Child

Parents need to convey to their child what success is. Success can be incorrectly defined as how well we do monetarily, materially or in terms of power. Success should be defined as a measure of individual's ability to contribute to society in a positive manner and to achieve a sense of self-worth and happiness.

Show your child that even if they aren't the top of the class there are other measure of success. For example, trying to do their best, learning from their mistakes and an ability to get along with their peers and help others. These all merit praise and are indicators of their maturation.

Teach your child how to handle everyday situations. Coping with everyday situations can only be learned through trial and error. This helps to develop common sense.

The Successful Child: What Parents Can Do to Help Kids Turn Out Well (Sears, William, Sears Parenting Library.)Encourage your child to learn how to solve problems but be on hand when they need your help.

A supportive family environment allows your child to become confident with whatever life has to offer and enables them to interact with others. It gives a sense of security and self-sufficiency.

Self-confidence gives your child the ability to adjust to new environments and situations.

If your child is well adjusted and secure, then they are more likely to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Watch this video How To Teach Your Kids Good Values. Create a foundation your child can build from by teaching them good values and confidence.

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Arto said...

Good rules = Good values is the fundamental for any person, child as adult. If learn good rules what contain words as "always..." from the very beginning, that'd be a very good start for the further Good rules like always go to bed at 10 O'clock in the evening because have to wake up fresh in the next morning (just as example)

Hope all is well.

kind regards

Inforhub said...

Very true Arto, a very good example. I totally agree with you. Having 3 kids, I think Good rules is important but kids are getting smarter these days, so it has to go with reasoning too. LOL.

bujju said...


Inforhub said...

Thanks bujju for your kind words.

MJ said...

i dont have a child.but children may have to have self confidence.this is an interesting post.please keep writing interesting posts!

Inforhub said...

Thanks so much MJ. Appreciate the nice feedback.

mochi mysweety said...

hi, nice blog n always success 4u....

Inforhub said...

mochi mysweety, thank you so much for your inspiring words. Wish you success too.

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