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Friday, August 19, 2011

How To Make Lady Bug Nail Art

This is cute Lady Bug nail design. Easy to make and it will certainly attract those around you. You only need a few items, and it doesn't take too long to make.

Things You'll Need
Red nail polish
Black nail polish
Top coat (use special top coat for rhinestone)
2 Rhinestones (for the eyes)
Thin Brush
Dotting tool (or toothpicks/bobby pins)


1) Colour nails with red nail polish and wait to dry.

2) Start from the bottom of your nail, apply a small circle with black nail polish. Make sure that the black circle has plenty of room for the rhinestone.
3) Still using the black nail polish, take a thin brush to make a thin straight line at the center of nail.

4) Use your dotting tool to create small dots with the black nail polish.

5) For the rhinestone eyes, put a bit of the Top Coat at the bottom of the rhinestone and gently lay it in. Do the same for the other eye.

6) Tip: Make sure that everything is dry before proceeding to this step, otherwise your design might smudge. 
Apply the top coat on your nails. Make sure you use a special top coat for rhinestone. This is to prevent the rhinestones looking fuzzy or they won't sparkle at all.

The following is the step-by-step video on How To Make Lady Bug Nail Art.


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