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Friday, June 24, 2011

Five Basic Needs For Your Child

 In order for a child to develop, a parent must cater for 5 basic need.

1. Social
A child's first role model is their parent, therefore they tend to imitate how the parent relates to others in their surroundings. It is important for a child to learn how to interact appropriately with their peers and other adults so that they can be accepted into society. Children often learn and practice these skills through games and role playing with other children.

2. Emotional
Children need to know that they have their parents' love and support to give them the confidence to act as an individual. This love and support is usually seen by the child as a measure of their own self worth and will translate across into their ability to interact and express themselves and their emotions to others.

3. Intellectual
A child's curiosity and need to question should be actively encouraged. The pursuit of knowledge should be an area where parents become active and show an interest by asking questions and listening to the child also allows a forum whereby a child can learn to develop and voice their own opinions, giving them the confidence to do so when challenged later in life.

4. Moral
Moral values and standards need to be taught, they do not innately develop as the child grows. Children model their morality on figures of authority in their lives and so it is important for parents to take an active role. To set the right example, parents should first be clear in their own minds of what values they want to instill in their child.

5. Physical
The most simplistic requirements, the provision of food, shelter, exercise and rest. The provision of these basic needs is often the focus of running a family and most often the reason that we are taken away from the family. However, it is important for the healthy physical development of a child that the basics of a balanced diet, adequate sleep and physical exercise are provide.


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