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Friday, October 21, 2011

What is Autism?

An autistic person is always absorbed in self-centered mental activity (eg. daydreams, delusions, fantasies, hallucinations), exhibiting a marked withdrawal from reality, and the inability to relate to people and situations. Autistic children appear to live in a world of their own, in some cases using language or vocabulary only they understand. Adults often show a stubborn resistance to change. The condition is rare, however, occurring only about two to four persons in every 10,000.

The Signs in children:
  • Delayed in development, particularly in the milestones of social behaviour (eg. smiling and talking).
  • Solitary play and withdrawal from the rest of the family and other people.
  • Apathy (indifference) toward other peoples attempts at communication.
  • Dislike for cuddling.
  • The lack or absence of eye contact.
  • Rote (fixed routine) and compulsive behaviour which, if interrupted, may provoke temper tantrums.
  • Mental retardation, in most.
  • In some, extraordinary talent or brilliance in a specific field (eg drawing, mathematics, music, painting)
Read my previous post on How To Recognize the Early Signs Of Autism.
    Repetitively stacking or lining up objects is a behavior
     occasionally associated with individuals with autism.
    Injury due to self-mutilation, or to the lack or absence of response to painful stimuli.

    Common Causes
    The exact cause has not yet been pinpointed, but the disorder is attributed to:
    • Genetic predisposition (hereditary).
    • Failure of the section of the brain that processes stimuli.
    What you can do
    • Consult a doctor if you think your child is autistic.
    • Stay positive and be supportive towards your child with autism.


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