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Thursday, September 6, 2012

How Aromatherapy Can Help To Reduce Stress And Other Ailments

Aromatherapy uses essential oils extracted from plants and flowers to treat all types of ailments. The oils can be used alone or in blends. Essential oils are absorbed by the skin and the scent can calm, uplift and invigorate. The most common forms of usage are massage, bathing, inhalation and vaporization. Aromatherapy can be used to treat menstrual cramps, depression and stress.

Warning, some oil may cause allergic reactions, not advisable for pregnant women, those with asthma, epilepsy or with high blood pressure. Consult your physician or qualified aromatherapist before using aromatherapy.

Aromatherapy Tips
Choose essential oils and experiment with aromas until what works best for you. Try some of these essential oils for common ailments in a bath, massage or vaporization.

Stress: Geranium, patchouli, ylang ylang.
Insomnia: Chamomile, lavender.
Gastric: Peppermint.
Menopause: Clary sage, geranium, lime, ylang ylang.
Rashes: Chamomile, lavender, tea tree.

1. Massage Method

You will need
10 drops of essential oil
1 1/2 tablespoon vegetable oil

Mix essential oil and vegetable oil in a bowl before massaging it into the skin. Can be stored in a small bottle, shake well before used.

2. Bathing Method

You will need
Essential oil
Hot water

Add up to 6 drops of essential oil into your bath water or 3 drops into a basin of hot water to reduce stress.

3. Inhalation Method

You will need
Essential oil
Cotton ball or tissue

Onto a cotton ball
Place a few drops of essential oil onto a cotton ball or tissue. Place it near you and enjoy the power of aromatherapy to diminish stress by inhaling the cotton ball or tissue. 

Burn a candle
Burn a candle and when you see a pool of wax near to the wick, extinguish the candle. Add a few drops of essential oil, then relight the candle to diffuse the aroma.

Prepare for sweet dreams
Place 3 drops of relaxing essential oil onto your pillow at bedtime. Now, let your stress fade away and enjoy a restful night sleep with sweet dreams.

4. Vaporization Method

You will need
Essential oil
Fan diffuser or vaporizer
Cotton pad

Put a few drops of essential oil onto a cotton pad, then insert it into the diffuser and activate the vaporizer.

More Tips
Use aromatic plant oils sparingly.
Enhance relaxation by listening to soothing music while you enjoy aromatherapy.


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