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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How To Turn a Regular Skirt Into a Bubble Skirt

Breathe new life into a regular skirt with a needle and thread -- and a little ingenuity.

You Will Need
Knee-length or longer skirt
Measuring tape
Straight pins
Sewing machine
1 yd. elastic
Needle and matching thread

Step 1: Turn skirt inside out
Turn the skirt inside out, fold the hem up 1 inch and pin it into place.

Step 2: Sew the hem
Sew the hem into place using the sewing machine, removing the pins as you go. Leave a small hole where you can feed elastic into the hem.

Step 3: Cut elastic
Cut a length of elastic the size of your waist or hips, depending on where you want the folded hem to reach.

Step 4: Feed elastic into hem
Pin one end of the elastic to the opening of the hole in the hem. Then feed the elastic into the hem until the other end comes out of the hole.

Step 5: Sew elastic ends
Sew the ends together with a needle and thread and close the hole in the hem.

Step 6: Turn right side out and try
Turn the skirt right side out and put it on. Fold the hem under so that the elastic hem is hidden.

Tip: When the skirt goes out of fashion, remove the elastic and wear it as you did before.

Step 7: Raise hem
Lift the elastic hem along your body to shorten the skirt to your desired length. Go out for a fun night wearing your new bubble skirt.

Credit: Howcast


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