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Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 Countdown - Reinventing A New Self

Ready for 2011 countdown? Check out the following list to spark off your New Year!

Review Your Life, Identify Goals
Now is the time to take charge of your life and chart the progress you desire. Losing weight, going on a long trip or taking up a hobby, these require planning, execution and the determination to see it through. Want to loose weight? Go on a strict diet, enrol in a beauty salon or go to the gym. Whatever it is, act on it today!

Count Your Blessings
Personally, I believe the happiest people are constantly thankful for what they have. There will always be someone who is better or worse off than you. Choose to see the positive, not the negative.

Assume Personal Accountability
You are responsible for yourself. You hold the power to create the life you desire in your hands. Do not blame others when things go wrong.

Banish Time Stealers Out Of Your Life
Be it a mindless television programme, a toxic friend who is bitter about everyone or engaging in meaningless social activities. Better manage your time, weed out the things that do not matter to you.

Practise Random Acts of Kindness
Ever received a random smile? Had someone hold the lift door for you or a gracious fellow commuter letting you alight the train first? Don't wait for others to be kind towards you. Beat them to it and initiate the first kind act.
Do Something Different Each Day
Experiment with new colours, make-up techniques or taking a different route to work; add a little bits of creativity into your life and live life passionately!

Who says spring cleaning can only be done once a year? Physically clearing out the things you no longer need allows you to declutter your physical space, life and mind.  Whether at work or at home, hoarding is a serious problem that needs to reined in.

Go Green. Reduce, Recycle, Reuse
We are devouring Earth's resources faster than Mother Nature can replenish. Segregate your trash. Donate your old books, old but usable clothes and appliances. Your junk may be someone else's treasure.

Increase Your Wellness Literacy
Acquaint yourself with knowledge towards a healthier you. the Internet has an endless supply of information ranging from household tips, healthy recipes, articles on losing weight and many more with a mere click of the mouse.

Be The Best That You Can Be
The way you present yourself to the world will inadvertently affect how others respond to you. Respect yourself by exercising, eating right, sleeping well and taking care of your appearance. Make full of your own qualities and live up to your full potential!


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