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Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 worst Valentine's Day Gifts

This is a reblog from Yahoo! Singapore by Fazillah Abdul Gaffa. I totally agree with her and what say you? 

Wise up, guys - we might say it's the thought that counts, but we really would like you to put more thought into your Valentine's Day gifts.

Here's what not to give:

#5 A break-up or a wedding proposal
Works both ways, doesn't it? A woman doesn't want to be alone on Valentine's Day, and a clichéd wedding proposal may not be the brightest idea either.

#4 Clothes that don't fit
Whether you're buying her lingerie or the little black dress she's been eyeing, make sure it's the right size. If it's too big, she might think you see her bigger than she is, or if it's too small, she may think you want her to be a couple of sizes smaller.

Women have body issues, so just make sure you get the size right.

#3 Kitchen appliances of any kind
Yes - she has been complaining about the faulty blender, but that doesn't mean you should wrap up a blender from Harvey Norman and slap a Valentine's Day card on it. Buy her something she wants, not something she needs.

#2 Flowers
There are lots of women who enjoy receiving flowers. We don't think that is wrong, but we do think that it's absurd to fork out ridiculous amounts of money for plants that will eventually die.

Popular flowers are marked up to five times the usual price, and that sometimes doesn't even include the arrangement. So surprise her with flowers when she's least expecting it - for a movie date, on her birthday, but save that money on Valentine's Day for something worth remembering.

#1 Stuffed Toys
Courtney Cox's best friend in the TV series "Cougar Town," muttered very wise words: "Saint Valentine's Day? What kind of saint decided that women have to put out because guys bought them an eight-dollar teddy bear?"

Stuffed toys top our list because they're not only the most inane gifts a man can give a woman - it is also unromantic and sick - all at the same time. Why would you give a woman you love a stuffed animal children play with?

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