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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to Get the Perfect Valentine's Gift for Your Boyfriend

KISS ME VALENTINE DECORStill looking for the perfect Valentine's gift for your boyfriend but worried you'll be swept away by Valentine's mania? Here are some tips on creating more personalized, caring Valentine's gifts for the special boy or man in your life that will show just how much you care.

  1. Find out what his Love Language is. People value different things when it comes to expressions of love. If your boyfriend feels most loved when he hears words of affirmation or receives physical touch, he will appreciate loving words or a back rub more than a gift wrapped bottle of after shave. If he values acts of service, think about something you can do for him -- perhaps a project or chore he's been putting off -- and do it!
  2. Ask first! About a week before Valentine's Day, talk to your boyfriend and ask if he has anything special in mind that he'd appreciate. Don't badger him; just ask pointedly once and work from his answers. If he can't give you any, suggest that he thinks about it for a bit and to get back to you later that same day. If he doesn't have any ideas, don't pressure him!
  3. Match your gift ideas with the type of romancing he fancies. Does he really appreciate a romantic approach that will involve booking a special restaurant for a five-course meal or filling the swimming pool with rose petals? Or is he more comfortable with just the usual night on the town with lots of laughter and favorite beers as the two of you pub crawl? Take advantage of what you know about him to craft the ultimate gift or experience.
  4. Do something for him rather than giving him something. If he has long wanted his hair dyed black, you could buy him some hair dye and prepare a home salon and dye it for him. Make sure you feel confident enough to get it right! You could also do this for home pedicures, massages, a yoga lesson, being a style assistant for a new look, etc. - anything you have said you'd get around to helping him do or learn some day.
  5. Go homemade. It's not just about buying stuff. Valentine's is really about showing that you care. Make your boyfriend a card that says how much you love him. Write a poem or some sweet prose. Anything to say how much you care about him and the reasons why. Many people just love being told the exact reasons why they matter so much; this can be the best gift of all.
  6. Give a kiss for a gift! Guys sometimes would just like a passionate kiss. If you haven't given him one yet, wow, this will be special. But most of you will have already kissed; so it's how you present the kiss that matters. Take him somewhere unique and make the kiss something out of the ordinary.
    • For example, take a trip up a cable car, take him in your arms in the cable car and say: "We are kissing on top of this mountain in a cable car because you put me on top of the world, I love you completely". Kiss so long that the crowd claps you both.
  7. Bake something for your sweetheart. Bake some heart-shaped cookies with hundreds and thousands and "I love you" printed on them in icing. Arrange in a box and present it to him with a card.
  8. Stock the bar or man cave. Stock up your boyfriend's favorite drink supplies as a nice surprise. Be sure to add some snack food treats as well, and perhaps even a book on making cocktails or the history of beer. You might also like to consider something he can hang in the bar, such as autographed sports, TV, or movie star memorabilia.
  9. Decorate a photo of the two of you. Choose a perfect photo of the two of you, decorate a frame for it and write a little something to go with it, including why this photo means a lot to you. This is a very personalized and caring gift. You can even make a wallet-sized one and include a new wallet if you've got a good idea what sort of wallet he'd like. Put a good luck heart or coin in it as well.
  10. If you're out of ideas try some traditional stand-bys:
    • Chocolates. Go for dark chocolates with strong flavors like rum and raisin, chili peppers, or peppercorns.
    • A sweater or a t-shirt from a favorite brand or store.
    • A subscription to a sports or business magazine you know he'll enjoy reading.
    • A selection of his favorite movies. Check what he has already before buying though.
    • A watch. Have it engraved with love from you. This suits the more serious couple.
    • Grooming products. Help him to stay looking his best.
    • Boxer shorts. There might be a hint tied up in this type of gift!
    • Lingerie, let him unwrap it and then you wear it, just for him. Remember, men are visual creatures.

It's not always the guy's job to provide the romance in your relationship. Make Valentine's Day memorable by finding the perfect gift for him.


  • Guys don't usually like glass as that's a guy give girl thing.
  • If he loves you that much, anything you do as he will love with all his heart and still give you kisses and hugs afterwards.
  • Pay attention to his hobbies and activities. Guys are not always about drinking and sports. If he's into model planes, trains or ships, talk to the staff at the hobby shop he usually gets his supplies and find out what he's always looking at. Get him to show you his setup and plans, then get him something that's on his list without you having asked for something specific. Same thing if he collects comics or plays roleplaying games. A new game book or supplement can lead to an entire weekend of fun for both of you.
  • A man who reads may appreciate a bookstore gift certificate.
  • Many men like gadgets, especially multi-tool pocket knives and other knives. Find out if he collects these or likes them, watch him when you pass displays while going out shopping for something else. That can be a very romantic gift. You may find him using it on your behalf next time a bottle needs opening or something needs to be fixed!
  • Don't buy him anything he has asked for unless you feel you should or you really wanted this advice and asked for it; you don't want to be predictable or a shopping cart. One way is to ask at different times and look for things he's mentioned more than once rather than asking right before the holiday.

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