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Thursday, March 31, 2011

How To Help Children Sleep Well

Sleep is necessary for good health, but when kids have a bedtime problem, peaceful dreams may elude the whole family. Then it’s time for parents to take charge.
Maintain a daily sleep schedule
Maintain a daily sleep schedule, including a bedtime and wake-up time, to get kids to develop good sleep patterns.

Tip: Promote exercise during the day so children may release excess energy.

Establish a bedtime routine
Establish a bedtime routine that includes quiet activities for half an hour before bedtime to help kids unwind.

Tip: Let kids know when bedtime is approaching so they may mentally adjust.

Avoid a large meal
Avoid feeding kids a large meal near bedtime, which may cause sleep difficulties.

Tip: Eliminate caffeine late in the day and offer a glass of milk before bedtime.

Make sure the child is comfortable
Make sure the child is comfortable in their own room and bed, and that blankets and pajamas allow for free movement.

Help an infant
Help an infant sleep by providing a steady flow of white noise from a fan, radio, or other source.

Avoid singing or rocking
Avoid singing or rocking your kids to sleep, which may prohibit them from learning to fall asleep alone. Instead, offer a cuddly stuffed animal for comfort.

Wait a few minutes to answer if your child calls after you leave their room. This gives them the opportunity to fall asleep without your presence.

Give a reward
Give a reward as positive enforcement when kids follow through with bedtime rules. Now, reward yourself with a relaxing evening and sweet dreams.

Tip: One less hour of sleep reduces a child’s next-day learning capacity.

Source: Howcast


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