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Monday, April 4, 2011

How to Make a Bag from a T-Shirt

Have a T-Shirt that you adore but is too small for you? In only a few simple steps, you can make a cute, unique pochette!

Things You'll Need
A T-shirt
a needle
some thick thread/gardening thread/leather strap

  1. Gather your needed materials.
  2. Cut off the sleeves of that Tee, making sure you have at least 1 inch from the neck hole, so you will have enough room for straps.
  3. Turn the T-Shirt inside out and sew the bottom.
  4. Turn it back and then cut your gardening thread/thick thread to about a length that your bag could flow down your back as the strap is on your shoulder.
  5. Sew on the strap.
  6. Enjoy your trendy pochette!
This video shows the cute craft in the making.

  • Don't use yarn or string. Layer thread, if it's thin.
  • For some pieces of flair, sew some chunky buttons on the side.
  • You could use a T-shirt that's too small or one which is over sized,or even a tee you like, but it's better off in bag form!
  • Make sure that your sewing is strong, so your strap won't fall off.
This may take an hour or two to make, so make sure you have freetime.

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