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Sunday, April 3, 2011

How To Look Good Like Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria, an American actress, encourages women to eat healthy to look good. Last year, she divorced her former husband, following allegations that he had texting a family friend inappropriate messages for many months. However, this setback did not discourage her instead she is more determined to move on with her life. This 36 years old star has successfully release her new cookbook titled, Eva’s Kitchen: Cooking with Love for Family & Friends.

These are some of the secrets that she believes to good health:
  • Eat good food, but warns you can have too much of a good thing
  • Eat lots of vegetables
  • Discipline
During her interview with Cover Media, she honestly admit that an abundance of vegetables is essential in any meal, something that she experienced growing up in Texas.

“I grew up on a farm; we had to cook and use ingredients like eggs from the chicken. The vegetables that we grew made things healthier,” she added.

Eva Longoria is someone that should be admired from both women and men for her fighting spirit and determination.

Source: Sg News Yahoo 


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