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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Our Children Our Hopes

This is actually an advertisement from Singapore Ministry of Education for teaching career. What I love about this video is that it has a very good story (based on true events) that we all can relate.

I believe that anyone can be a teacher, not necessary academically but a teacher that can guide spiritually and with inspiration. Anyone, I mean as parents, brothers, sisters, friends, relatives, teachers, seniors and adults.

The video showed Edwin, a teenager, living in a family with low income. He has to do odd jobs after school just to help out with the family financial issues. Edwin has to struggle between school and work and as a result effect his school grades. He felt like giving up but luckily, his teacher Mrs Chong came to the rescue. With Mrs Chong care and extra lessons, Edwin is confident to do well in school. However, his confidence soon shattered when he was arrested by police selling pirated videos. He shunned himself from society and continue to work odd jobs for the family. Being a diligent teacher, Mrs Chong did not give up and due to her persistence, Edwin realised that he has to change if he wants a better future.

I truly admire Mrs Chong courage and care towards her students. However, parents should not let this be 100% burden to the teacher. No matter what family background, rich, poor, broken families, single moms or dads, make sure we do not ignore our children, especially teenagers. These youngsters need to be reached out, understand and most importantly to be loved.

Parents are the best teachers for the children. We are the closest to them and when we see problems in their school grades, behaviour and conduct, we should not hesitate to approach and talk to them. Sometimes, listening is also the best good thing to these youngsters. It shows that we care and support them no matter what. They do not need to be reprimanded for their wrong doings but a gentle nudge and advice is great. Also, do not give up on them. Imagine if we loose hope, where can our children get their hopes from? They might end up looking in the wrong direction with the wrong company. Instead, show by example that everybody makes mistakes and there is always room for improvement and BIG dreams.

Parents, we too were children and teenagers once, but our children do not need to be reminded just so to compare now and then. They really hate those sentiments especially when we tend to repeat again and again. However, just take those memories as an example of being in their shoes and understand that being teenagers is a roller coaster ride of ups and downs. Just hang in there and be with them and make sure that we guide and lead them the right track to their dreams.

I end here with my favourite quote of all time. Hope you enjoy the video. To all mothers out there, Happy Mothers Day.

While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.
-Angela Schwindt


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