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Monday, November 28, 2011

How To Make a 3-D Paper Snowflake

This isn’t your grandma’s paper snowflake! Get creative and add a new dimension to your winter decorations.

You Will Need
2 pieces white paper, 8-by-8-inch each
A pair of scissors
A stapler
Iridescent cellophane (optional)

1: Fold your papers

Fold each piece of paper diagonally in half. Fold it in half again to make a triangle. Unfold the paper.

2: Cut the papers

Using your scissors, cut each piece of paper along one of the fold lines, so that you’ve cut from the edge of the paper through to the center.

3: Attach the papers to each other

Slide the cut edges of the papers together so they meet in the middle. Staple the papers together along the cut edges.

4: Refold the papers

Flatten the papers, and refold them along the original creases. Fold them in half again to make a triangle.

5: Trim the papers

Using your scissors, trim wedges from the papers.
Tip: Do not cut off any of the stapled edges or the corner where the papers meet.

6: Unfold and decorate

Unfold your snowflake. If you’d like, staple on small bunches of iridescent cellophane. You can also glue on some glitter for extra sparkle, but make sure you give it time to dry.

7: Hang your snowflake

Attach a loop of string to one of the stapled edges, and hang up your snowflake for all to see!

Check out the step-by-step video.


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