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Monday, September 13, 2010

Know Your Child's Learning Ability and Style

WORLDCLASS LEARNING MTRLS. EXCITE-ABILITY IN MATH PATTERNINGEach child differs in his learning ability. It is important to know your children's limits. Expecting a child who cannot master his alphabets to spell 10 words a day is like asking a baby to read.

Each child differs in learning styles. While some thrive on repetitive exercises, others do best in a creative learning environment. Some can sit through a piece of work without twitching a muscle while others need regular breaks. While some remember best when they read aloud, others prefer to learn through silent reading.

How do you know your child is not being lazy or making excuses for not working hard?

You should consider:
  • whether your child is happy in his learning and conscientious in his school work
  • whether the child always completes his work on time despite being playful and restless
  • whether the child maintains reasonable academic standards
If the answers to these are "yes", then you do not need to change his behaviour to conform to your idea of good study behaviour.

Create a conducive study environment

Children can study better in an environment that:
  • is free from distractions - avoid studying near the windows, in a TV room or in bed.
  • has good lighting - the room should be lit up on rainy days and in the evenings
  • has proper ventilation - allow fresh air in the room, open windows or air-conditioning
  • has reference books - dictionary or reference materials
  • has proper furniture - desk or study table, comfortable chair and furniture
If you feel that your home environment is not conducive for studies, you can get help from community centres, student care centres or social service centres.

The phrase "study time" can elicit groans from the best-behaved child, but study time doesn't have to be a killjoy. The following How To Make Study Time Fun For Kids video will show you how.

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